Using Water Methanol injection for cooling, cleaning ports, and more power.

Water methanol injection, also known as "water-alcohol injection," has a long history of use in various forms of motorsports and high-performance applications. The concept of using a mist of water and/or alcohol to cool the intake charge of an internal combustion engine dates back to the early days of racing and hot rodding. Early systems were often crude and unreliable, but as technology advanced, more sophisticated systems were developed that could be more precisely controlled.

In recent years, water methanol injection has seen a resurgence in popularity, particularly in

turbocharged gasoline engines. The use of water methanol injection is now well established in

many forms of motorsports, including drag racing, time attack, and rally racing. Today, there are

many commercially available water methanol injection systems that are designed for easy

installation and use in a wide range of engines. Despite its long history, the technology continues

to evolve, with new innovations and refinement aimed at improving performance and reliability.

Installing a water methanol injection kit involves connecting a tank of water-methanol

mixture to the intake of an internal combustion engine, usually by drilling and tapping into the air

intake system. A pump, usually electrically driven, pressurizes the mixture and delivers it into the

engine's intake. A control system, often using a pressure sensor and a boost controller, regulates

the amount of fluid delivered based on engine load and conditions. This system can provide

multiple benefits, including increased engine power and reduced air intake temperature. However,

it is important to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and to properly calibrate the

system to prevent engine damage. Additionally, it is important to regularly monitor and maintain

the system, including checking and refilling the tank as necessary.

Water methanol injection is a process in which a mixture of water and methanol is introduced into

the intake of an internal combustion engine to reduce the engine's air intake temperature and

increase engine power. It is sometimes used to clean up dirty engine ports, as the mixture can

dissolve and wash away carbon buildup. However, it is important to use the correct mixture ratio

and to monitor engine performance carefully, as improper use can result in engine damage.

We've been using Snow kits for  years in both Turbocharged Diesel and Gas applications.  The

cooling and cleaning effect increases horsepower/torque, while decreasing maintenance. It's

especially helpful in Direct Injection vehicles that have a tendency to build carbon on the valves. 

A nice steam clean from a Water Injection kit will keep everything carbon free and perfectly clean.

Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection is our choice for Water Methanol Injection.  

Excellent service and support and a long history of worry free installations.

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