Plug and Play devices, do they really work?  Yes. How much power?  WOW!!!

After many years of working with TS Performance in the diesel market, we now have our first EcoBoost performance device that is taking over the market.  Ecoboost, Powerboost, F150, Bronco, Expedition, Navigator, Explorer, we have it covered!

Check it out here.  TS Octane Series Ecoboost/Powerboost at ID Speed

What's in the box?

Is it easy to install?

The installation is very simple. Unplug the TIP sensor, MAP sensor, and Pedal Sensor. Plug the wiring harness into the factory sensors, then plug the factory pigtails into the new harness, and finally plug it into the TS Performance Octane Series Module. The first time, it may take you 30 minutes. You'll spend 15 minutes on the phone explaining to your wife why a box was delivered to you with your name on it (normally it's her name and her box), why you wanted it shipped next day, and lastly...why it's so important that you won't make it to the mother in laws for dinner. After that, it's a 10-minute installation.

How does it work?

With this particular plug and play device, we have full control over boost, pedal sensitivity, and load. Due to this, we don't need to make any changes to fueling, timing, cam timing, and many other parameters that is normally changed in tuning. With Ford's OAR technology, which is built into the factory control system, the ECU will safely monitor and control torque within the factory limits. Read more about OAR here in a previous article. What is Ford's Octane Adjust Ratio? Due to the way the Octane series operates, no changes to emissions parameters are changed.

Since it's plug and play, it's removable in about 5-10 minutes. This makes it easy to diagnose any issues with the vehicle in stock form.

So how much power does it make?!!!

Below is a dyno graph of our 2022 F-150 Powerboost in stock format.

Here's a comparison before and after the Octane Series install.

TS Octane Series Ecoboost/Powerboost at ID Speed

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