ID Speed Explorer Rear Diff Brace

Posted by ID Speed Shop on 2023 May 23rd

ID Speed Shop 2020+ Explorer Rear Differential Brace


The 2020+ Ford Explorer ST & 3.0L Ecoboost SUV’s are amazing vehicles, packed full of performance with lots of torque for towing. Unfortunately the “single-bolt” OE differential support can be prone to failure under load when towing or during hard launches when racing.

If the rear axle mounting bolts snap or fracture, the housing becomes partly dislodged from the chassis. This can cause it to make noise and create vibrations. It can also lead to the half-shafts pulling away and becoming dislodged, causing severe damage to your vehicles drivetrain.


Fear not. ID Speed Shop has the solution with our 2020+ Ford Explorer Rear Differential Reinforcement kit with fully integrated stabilization system. Our brace FULLY reinforces your Explorer differential case, while improving your vehicles traction!

Whether you're just driving daily on the street, at the track or towing your boat, you can be confident knowing your differential is supported and less likely to fail.


Tools Needed

  • 3/8 Rachet
  • 1/2 Rachet
  • Ratcheting Socket Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
  • 9/16 Socket
  • 15mm Socket
  • E18 Torx Socket
  • E18 Torx Box Wrench
  • 10mm Hex Bit Socket (10mm Allen Key)
  • Hydraulic Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Blue Locktite

Once you have all your tools needed you can begin the installation. 

  • Start by removing the vehicle neg battery cable. 
  • Jack each side of the vehicle up to enough room to get under the rear. Place a jack stand on both sides of the vehicle for safety and support. 
  • Remove the 4 bolts holding the stock differential cover in place. Use your E18 socket or wrench to remove. The Bolt all the way towards the passenger side up top is trickty to get to. It is easier to use a wrench for this one. 
  • Reinstall one E18 OEM Bolt that you just removed into the ID Speed differential cover mount hole as pictured and start the bolt by hand. 
  • Install the (3) M10 x 70 bolts with the (3) supplied M10 internal tooth lock washers in the remaining 3 locations and tighten all bolts to 25 ft lbs. 
  • Loosely assembly the (1) Bushing housing, (1) bushing housing hold down, (1) 3/8 supplied bolt and (1) m10 internal tooth lock washer. 
  • Slide the bushing housing hold down in place and install the remaining (1) 3/8 supplied bolt and (1) m10 internal tooth lock washer. Get bolts mostly tight but not do a final tighten. 
  • Install the (1) M12 x 90mm bolt and (1) m12 lock washer in place. Tighten the M12 bolt to 70ft lbs. 
  • Tighten the (2) 3/8 bolts to 25 ft lbs

Once all bolts have been final torqued you can now lower the vehicle off the jack stand and reconnect the (-) battery cable. 

After 75-100 miles it is recommend to recheck the torque specs on the bracket. The (1) E18 bolt on the passenger side up to top may not be accessible to recheck the torque. 

If you have any questions please call or email 


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