High Idle Mod for your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Truck

Posted by id speed shop on 2023 Mar 6th

High Idle Mod for your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Truck

The Ford 6.0 Powerstroke engine does not have a built-in high idle mode, but it is possible to modify the engine control module (ECM) to enable this feature. High idle is useful in cold weather conditions to warm up the engine faster and improve cab heating.

One popular way to enable high idle is by using an aftermarket device called a "high idle mod."

This mod is usually a simple plug-and-play unit that connects to the truck's ECM and allows the

driver to activate high idle with a switch or remote control.

Here are the general steps for installing a high idle mod on a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke:

1.  Disconnect the negative battery cable and remove the ECM from the truck.

2.  Locate the high idle wire on the ECM harness. Right above your E-brake pedal there is a little

bundle of wires.  This wire is usually Purple / Lt. Green for 05+.

3.  Apply a switched/fused (or just fused power that is live at key-on) power source to that wire.

4.  Mount the high idle switch or remote control in a convenient location in the cab.

5.  Reinstall the ECM and reconnect the negative battery cable.

6.  Test the high idle mod to make sure it works as expected.

Applying vehicle battery voltage to this wire begins BCP. (battery charge protection)

Engine speed is sent to 1200 rpm when all safety enablers are met, regardless of

the degree of battery charge.

 After 1200 rpm, BCP regulates engine speed based upon the degree of battery

charge, up to 2400 rpm maximum.

To engage high idle:

Set your e-brake, have the truck in park and do not touch the regular brake. Turn the power on (or just wait if it is a key-on source) and wait a few seconds. The high idle will kick on.

To disengage:

Release the e-brake, touch the regular brake pedal and the truck drops the idle back to normal. (or flip the switch off, if installed)

Auxilary Circuit Information:

Aux-1 Circuit No 1936 wire color: Orange/Lt. Green [30amp]
Aux-2 Circuit No 1933 wire color: Orange [30amp]
Aux-3 Circuit No 1934 wire color: Orange/Yellow [10amp]
Aux-4 Circuit No 1935 wire color: Orange/Lt. Blue [10amp]

05+ Wire information:

PCM Pin C1-09
Circuit No. 2248
Wire Color: Purple / Lt. Green

For 03-04, instructions and wiring kit.

If you'd rather purchase a pre-packaged wiring kit, we recommend the BD High Idle Switch.  Instructions are below:

BD Diesel High Idle Kit

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