Fixing your Ford Superduty's Death Wobble and Steering issues.

Posted by ID Speed Shop on 2022 Jan 14th

Fixing your Ford Superduty's Death Wobble and Steering issues.

I'm sure most of us that drive trucks have experienced Death Wobble at some point. It's very scary and more common than most think. For years, Dodge has had the issue, as well as the 2008+ Ford Superduty trucks. Dodge installed heavy duty steering upgrades in the 2014+ models, so it's not as much of a concern. Ford still has some issues, it can be dangerous and scary, so a solution is necessity, and we can help!

So, what's the fix?

A truck with some miles, you'll want to check out all of your joints for movement.

Even if you have the slightest movement, replace those parts first. Tie rod joints, drag

link joints, to name a couple.

Ford does have a factory recall, but some of the parts are on backorder. Since you'll be

upgrading anyway, you can either take it to the dealer for the recall first or just skip and

continue on with all aftermarket upgrades.

On every truck, especially those lifted, leveled, or tow a lot, we recommend a dual

steering stabilizer. This isn't the "fix" for the issue, but recommended to help dampen

the issue if it does happen and also eliminate pre-mature wear on the joints you just

checked and/or replaced.

You'll find the truck feels like a completely different vehicle after the Stabilizer is

installed. One of the most noticeable changes is bumps and rough roads aren't felt in

the steering wheel as much and the truck track much straighter without constant

attention to the steering wheel.

There's a lot of options for steering stabilizers/dampeners that may fit your budget.

Dual Steering Stabilizer Options

Another upgrade for lifted and leveled truck's is BD's new track bar bracket.  Commonly,

lifted and leveled Super Duty trucks pull the track bar out of position. This

affects the ride, steering quality, and the position of the axle. This track bar bracket is

designed to relocate the pivot point two inches lower than the factory part offsetting the

lift or leveling kit which fixes those common steering and tracking issues.

When you level the front of a truck, the steering, alignment, and overall suspension

gets misaligned. With the upgraded Track Bar Bracket, the trackbar can be adjusted

down to its proper position.

Constructed with high-strength, ADI heat-treated cast iron, this part offers maximum

strength and provides you with a strong, reliable upgrade. This upgrade is ideal for

trucks with a 2 or 2.5-inch leveling kit and can be combined with BD’s 1032110/1032111

track bar for adjustability on larger lift heights. Anything above stock height, this upgrade

will improve your steering.


-Ideal for 2-inch or 2.5-inch leveling kits

-Lowers track bar mounting point by 2-inches

-Corrects steering geometry on lifted vehicles

-Improves bump steer in leveled trucks

-High strength cast iron with ADI heat treat process for maximum strength

-Can be combined with BD 1032110/1032111 Track Bars for adjustability or larger lift


-12-month warranty

BD Superduty Track Bar Bracket

BD Superduty Track Bar 1032110

BD Superduty Track Bar 1032111

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